Director Stanley Allan Sherman directed and developed the children's show, "Bride of Beowulf," which toured for over three years. He directed and developed a solo show for the clown Gautham that toured China and Japan.

He directed "Paulsen's Lonely Banquet," a solo show by John Paulson, at HERE in 2005. Ross Peabody wrote in, "Spanning the entirety of human history through the use of traditional theatrical style, dance-theatre, clown techniques, vaudeville, and Paulsen's own pure, innocent charisma—yet simultaneously staying intimate and small—Paulsen's Lonely Banquet is a special treat. Funny and melancholic, it elicits a stream of laughter while never straying far from the precipice of a very disturbing and existential contemplation of isolation and mortality."

Sherman has written three full length plays, is a board member of the Association of Theatre Artists and Craftspeople and editor of the ATAC Quarterly.

He is also proprietor, with Hovey Burgess, of Roving Classical Commedia University*
(*Totally Unaccredited).

Mr. Sherman is a graduate of Ecole Jacque Lecoq, Theatre, Mime Movement in Paris France. He was in the original cast of "Grandma Sylvia's Funeral," which ran for 3 1/2 years Off-Broadway. On NBC's "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," he has been in over 41 comedy bits.

As a young performer, Sherman made his living performing street theatre for years in Paris and New York City. He is known for solo clown and Commedia style shows that toured around the country and have been featured in many festivals for over 25 years. These include the Pittsburgh International Children's Festival and International Clown-Theatre Festival at Ohio State University.

His "Aero Show Featuring The Star Spangled Banner" was a critic's choice in the Los Angles Times and received rave reviews around the country.

He was a teacher and mask maker in the late 70's under the direction of the master of Commedia dell'Arte, Carlo Mazzone-Clementi, at Dell'Arte School of Mime and Comedy in Blue Lake, California. He has taught Commedia dell'Arte, mime and clown in NYC and around the country.

As a master mask-maker and leather craftsman he has been making Commedia dell'Arte masks since 1976 and created the world famous Mankind Mask (the Arlecchino of the WWF) for the World Wrestling Federation. He has traded leather techniques and secrets with leather workers from around the world. He had the longest running exhibition in the history of the New York Lincoln Center Museum of the Performing Arts. His mask making web site is